Migipaws Cat Toy, Automatic Moving Ball Bundle Classic Mice + Feather Kitten Toys in Pack. DIY N in 1 Pets Smart Electric Teaser, USB Rechargeable (Orange)


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Brand: Migipaws

Color: Orange


  • [Fun Cat Toy] Cats are often busy chasing, pouncing on, and having fun with erratically moving balls. The Migipaws cat ball size has been enhanced to less than 2 inches so that your pet can have fun while moving around.
  • [Smart Interactive Ball] With detection design for motion sensors, cat interacts with the ball, which rolls, moves, and stops automatically. Cats play with a ball to get it rolling which mean you no longer will have to repeatedly turn the toy on and off.
  • [DIY N in 1] The package includes an automatic ball movement, plush mice cat toy and feather toys for cats in a pack. You can tie a feather or mouse to an electric ball. The cat's natural hunting instincts are stirred as the ball is pulled and the mice moves erratically like real wildlife making it a fantastically enjoyable experience.
  • [USB Rechargeable] This package contains a rechargeable battery using the provided USB charging cable which takes away the need of purchasing batteries unnecessarily.
  • [Easy to Use Toys for Cats] Cats, kittens, or kitty could play Migipaws pet balls alone or in groups for extended periods of time. Kittens could play ball with multi-colored LED in the dark. While all materials are safe for cats, it is also simple to use as you just to fully charge the cat toy with no visible charging lights, press and hold the butter for 1-2 seconds to turn on the light and rotate the toy by shaking or patting it.

Package Dimensions: 49x176x82

Details: Migipaws Cat Football + Classic Mice, Feather Cat Toys Bundle. 
The great INTERACTIVE and ATTRACTIVE toy for your Cats! 
Designed and developed by Migipaws R&D teams with decades of years’ experience in pet’s toy industry, using innovated design in this smart interactive cat ball toys DIY combination classic cat toys bundle. 
                                                   Bringing Happiness and Joy to your Cats and Family! 

 Reasonable ball size 1.97 inch diameter, Irregular Zigzag rolling ball attracts cat to chase, tackle, dribbling….  like product video shows.
A pre-programmed 30 seconds high speeding irregular moving. Design in motion sensor. Ball could automatic restart moving by Cat’s claw.
Plush mice, feather classic cat toys are as accessory in the pack.
DIY fun for you cats. You could DIY tie feather, mice with rolling cat football toy. New bundle cat toys like real running mice,moving feather dragged by zigzag rolling ball. Or tie other light cat toys to Migipaws cat ball.
Rechargeable battery inside with Micro USB charging by 5V1A. LED on indicate charging, LED off after fully charging.
Press and hold button 1 second, turn on/off  cat ball toys.
Nature feather, plush mice and ABS material are safe and pets friendly.

Product Package
Cat Football*1

 Feather *1; 

Plush Mice *1 ; 

Micro USB charging cable * 1 



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