Feandrea Cat Tree


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Color: Light Gray


  • [Large Perch] This small cat tree features a large 15.7" x 11.8" perch with well-padded raised edges, offering roomy space for your kitten to fully stretch out and relax comfortably
  • [2 Cat Caves] The upper 2-door cave offers a wide view and easy access. The lower single-door cave is a quiet hideaway for sleepyheads to take a nap and is also great for kittens who are still getting the hang of jumping
  • [Climb. Scratch. Relax. All in One] The multi-level design is easy for kittens to climb up and down. 2 scratching posts meet kittens’ natural instincts. The top perch is great for looking out the window. 2 caves let them relax and recharge in comfort
  • [Quick and Easy Assembly] With universal screws, simplified structures, and step-by-step instructions, it takes only a few steps to set up this cat tower for indoor cats
  • [Sturdy, Stable, Safe] Sturdy particleboard for durability, a large base for stability, and an anti-tip kit for security—this cat condo offers a safe playground for your cats to play
  • [Easy Cleaning] Use a lint roller or vacuum cleaner to easily remove the fur, dirt, or food crumbs from the cat tree and keep your cat’s place clean

Package Dimensions: 193x424x6664

UPC: 194343122687


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