Basepaws Cat DNA Test | Breed + Health + Dental Report | Top Cat Breeds & 114 Health & Trait Markers | As Seen On Shark Tank, 2 Pack


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  • MOST ADVANCED CAT DNA TEST - The Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test gives you answers specific to your cat’s breed composition, traits, and health. Learning more about their unique needs, personality, genetic predispositions, and dental health can help you make proactive choices that support your cat’s health so they live a longer, happier life. Most advanced and comprehensive cat DNA test on the market. As seen on Shark Tank and Ellen’s List.
  • BREED AND TRAIT INSIGHTS - Discover your cat's unique breed composition. Your cat’s DNA report provides analysis of your cat in relation to 21 cat breeds, along with 50 trait markers, a chromosome map. With insights from the report, you can take the guesswork out of your at-home care routine and understand the unique needs of your cat.
  • COMMON DISEASE SCREENING - Get peace of mind with the screening of 64 health markers associated with 43 diseases for which your cat may be genetically predisposed. Early detection helps you and your veterinarian get ahead of diseases before they become life-threatening. Cats are experts at hiding illness. This DNA test can help you better understand your cat’s current state of health and potentially avoid costly emergency visits to your veterinarian
  • FREE DENTAL HEALTH REPORT - Around 50-90% of all adult cats have dental health issues. Get a FREE Dental Health report on your cat’s risk for periodontal disease, bad breath, and tooth resorption with personalized at-home dental care recommendations. These can help you work with a veterinarian to limit costly dental procedures like tooth extractions and implement preventative care to safeguard against diabetes, chronic kidney and heart disease, and other conditions linked to dental health
  • EASY, FAST, IMPACTFUL - Simply swab your cat’s cheek and send your sample back to the U.S.–based Basepaws laboratory. Your report is a "living" document and will update as Basepaws grows its feline genomics database. When you and your cat join the Basepaws Cat Community, you can feel good knowing that a simple swab of their cheek contributes to scientific advancements that improve the lives of ALL cats

Package Dimensions: 28x295x209

Details: "It's Like 23andMe... For Your Cat" - Fortune

"As an early adopter, I'd receive further updates about my cat as they became available. I was glad that my cat's DNA had contributed to their database and studies, meaning that it would not only improve the accuracy and features of Basepaws' reports, but would help contribute to research that would benefit both felines and humans alike!" -

"Like any overly attached, co-dependent pet parent, I'd like to understand my cat in every way: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually-and even on a cellular level. The first three are always going to be somewhat elusive, but it's 2019, the future is now, and I've found a company to help me with the fourth." - Caitlin Schneider,

"Basepaws is simply amazing. Customer service is TOP NOTCH. Excellent experience from the very start. Extremely personalized, and caring! The process was very easy to understand and go through with collecting the DNA. You feel very connected to this company. They really do love and relate to cats. They are also investing in research and science -- cats have always been underrepresented and underfunded in research. I'm so excited about the vision that Basepaws has!!" - Amy Smith


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