Corner Cat Self Groomer


The Corner Cat Scratcher device is an innovative solution for all cat owners looking to keep their pets well-groomed and comfortable. This automatic self-grooming tool is designed to be easily mounted in the corner of a wall, making it the perfect addition to any cat-friendly home. The brushes are soft and gentle, ensuring that your feline friend is not irritated or uncomfortable during the grooming process. The corner design is perfect for scratching, helping to keep your cat's claws trimmed and healthy. The self-grooming mechanism means that your cat can take care of their grooming needs without any assistance from you. Made from high-quality materials, this wall corner brush is built to last, making it a smart investment for cat owners everywhere.

Product Information:
Material: ABS
Product classification: bath/massage brush
Color: white
Product name: Smart Cat Brush
Product size: 133 * 96 * 160mm
Net weight of the product: 572g
Product gross weight: 697g
Material: ABS+silica gel


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