Arm &Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit for Kittens


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Brand: Arm & Hammer

Color: Cats - Tuna


  • ARM & HAMMER CAT DENTAL KIT – Are you looking for a cat teeth cleaning solution for your kitten? Look no further than the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda enhanced formula of this cat oral care
  • CAT TOOTHBRUSH & CAT TOOTHPASTE – This cat tooth brushing kit includes everything you need to remove what causes bad breath in cats and kittens. Freshen breath and eliminate bad cat dental health with Arm and Hammer
  • ENZYMATIC TOOTHPASTE FOR CATS – Specially formulated for kittens, this cat toothpaste is an enzymatic cat toothpaste, flavored like tuna and featuring a great fresh mint scent
  • FOR CAT DENTAL CARE – Do you know how to help reduce periodontal and dental disease in cats and kittens? By regularly brushing your cat and kitten's teeth, you can help prevent cat dental issues and improve cat oral care
  • GREAT FOR KITTENS AND SMALL CATS – Made just for your small cat or kitten, this cat tooth brush and cat toothpaste keeps small cats and kittens' mouths healthy and clean

Package Dimensions: 279x422x8754

Details: Can I brush my kitten's teeth? What is the best toothpaste for cats? When can I start brushing my kitten's teeth? All of these are great questions, best left to the experts behind the Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit for Kittens. Specially formulated for kittens to help improve the health of cat teeth,This cat toothbrush kit promotes good cat oral care. The cat dental kit from Arm and Hammer has a baking soda enhanced formula. It includes a kitten toothbrush and toothpaste for cats. The cat tooth brushing kit, with a cat tooth brush and enzymatic toothpaste, helps remove bad breath. Clean your kitten's teeth effectively with this Arm & Hammer cat dental kit. This pet toothbrush is a feline dental care kit that includes a cat toothbrush, cat toothpaste, and an enzymatic cat toothpaste in tuna flavor for added freshness. The enzymatic cat toothpaste removes dirt that causes bad breath in cats and kittens. It can be used along with the included cat toothbrush to clean the teeth of your kitten in just minutes. This toothpaste for cats is tuna flavored and comes in a fresh mint scent. In a taste cats love,this kitten toothpaste and kitten toothbrush are just what you need to freshen cat breath and prevent dental disease in your cat. Arm & Hammer cat teeth products helps eliminate bad breath in cats and kittens. Use our cat toothpaste to help make your kitten's mouth clean and fresh. For great cat dental care that everyone will love, look no further than Arm and Hammer.

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